Endodontists Can Comfort Root Canal Patients

This video has interviews with root canal patients who describe positive, pain-free experiences; while endodontists explain what a root canal is, treatment, and the symptoms you may have if you need one.

Cracked Tooth Treatment and Symptoms

Do you have a cracked tooth? Learn about the symptoms and how endodontists help patients avoid tooth extraction. It’s important to treat a cracked tooth quickly, so the problem doesn’t get worse.

Root Canal Retreatment Process Explained

Occasionally, a tooth that has had root canal treatment may not heal properly and another treatment is needed. Watch the video above to understand how root canal retreatment can save a tooth and learn more about the endodontists who specialize in this dental procedure.

Root Canal Treatment: A Step by Step Guide

Need a root canal? Don’t worry. This informative video will walk you step-by-step through the procedure and explain how endodontists can save your teeth.

Root Canal Safety

Concerned about the safety of root canal treatment? Don’t be. Watch this informative video to learn how endodontists perform millions of root canal treatments every year, safely, effectively and comfortably.

Learn how endodontists perform Surger

Learn how endodontists perform surgery to treat an abscess or infection and save your tooth.